Contemporary Family Garden, Worcester

This sizable garden in Worcester was to be transformed from a grassy, unusable area to a family friendly space for gathering, entertaining with enough spare space for the children to play in the summer.

I created a split level garden featuring a raised dining space, surrounded by mostly evergreen shrubs and a water feature, leading up to a raised deck area for seating and relaxing. For added height the seating area has a 3.6m x 3.6m pergola and the walkways around these areas had timber arches for added points of interest.

Behind the main area of the garden is a sizable lawn space with enough room for the kids to play and a screening bed at the bottom of the garden adding privacy from the neighbours behind. Evergreen hedging was to be installed in front of the newly built shed and kids play area to screen them from the garden and maintain a smart look no matter the season.

Worcester Beech Ave Redo_008.jpg
Worcester Beech Ave Redo_002.jpg
Worcester Beech Ave Redo_001.jpg
Worcester Beech Ave Redo_005.jpg