Contemporary Garden, Hallow (Worcester)

I was contacted by these clients to create a modern garden with many usable areas. I was given relative free reign with the designing but as always encouraged feedback so I could create the clients perfect garden for them.

I created a contemporary style garden with four separate usable areas. Immediately outside of the properties back doors is a decent sized raised patio space for dining with a separate barbecue/outdoor kitchen area just around the right hand corner from the dining space. In the right hand corner is a curved and covered (pergola) hot tub area, positioned here to offer the maximum amount of privacy from neighbours. In the left hand corner is a matching (curved) seating area surrounded by a raised bed and flanked by pleached trees for added privacy and an additional modern look.

Dixon - Pinchfield Gardens_006.jpg
Dixon - Pinchfield Gardens_005.jpg
Dixon - Pinchfield Gardens_007.jpg
Dixon - Pinchfield Gardens_009.jpg