Modern Front Garden Design, Droitwich

With no set requirements with this front garden, I wanted to make sure it complimented the newly refurbished property throughout. With that in mind, rendered white walls, dark grey/anthracite accents and cedar cladding were without a doubt the materials to be incorporated.

The driveway was widened to allow for extra cars to park and a defined path to both side access gates and of course the front door would be finished in the same resin based material. A 1m high wall separates the property from the path and is a 50/50 mix of white render and cedar cladding with pillars topped with dark grey caps.

The clients wanted a no fuss, evergreen, and almost alpine style of planting and that's exactly what we delivered with a large central raised planter (in the same rendered finish) a planter to the side of the driveway and some planting areas directly outside the house. A 100m2 lawn area adds more texture to the property and helps make the property feel wider visually.

M.Davies - Lyttleton Road Front_001.jpg
M.Davies - Lyttleton Road Front_012.jpg
M.Davies - Lyttleton Road Front_002.jpg
M.Davies - Lyttleton Road Front_011.jpg