Modern-Mediterranean Hybrid, Droitwich

The client had two requests prior to designing this garden; a Mediterranean look with a modern finish and to try and disguise the rather unsightly white soundproofing fence, due to their location next to a busy road.

Using a blend of warm porcelain colours from London Stone we created this multi use garden featuring a large patio adjacent to the house, containing a dining area and relaxation area, a stunning double waterfall close by for added ambient sound and to drown out traffic noise, a walkway to the bottom of the garden leading to a private seating space with additional double waterfall and a pergola for that added Mediterranean look and feel.

Lighting plays a big part in this garden creating a warm and welcoming space all year round.

Drew - St Augustines Amendment_001.jpg
Drew - St Augustines Amendment_003.jpg
Drew - St Augustines Amendment_006.jpg
Drew - St Augustines Amendment_004.jpg