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I offer design management on every design I create, whether it's a full design or you plan on building your own design in DIY form or by sourcing your own contractors. The aim of the design management service is purely to make sure the design is followed, the landscapers stick to the original plan and the pre-agreed materials are used. Of course, from time to time changes may need to be made to either the design or materials due to unforeseen circumstances, in this instance I will communicate between the contractor and client to make sure there is an agreement prior to the changes being made.

I have a number of local landscaping contractors from whom I can get quotes from for the build of the garden, different landscapers work within different radius' but I try to source a couple of different quotes for the build of the garden where possible. It is also encouraged that you source your own build quotes so you are happy you have the best quote and you've chosen the most suitable contractor for your requirements. I have no affiliation with any of the landscaping companies and make no financial gain from them if they succeed in working on my designs.

Not to be confused with full project management, my design management service includes the below:

  • Liaising with contractors ensuring the start dates are agreed and followed

  • Arranging the ordering of materials prior to project start ensuring they arrive exactly when required avoiding any delays in the project starting.

  • Making daily (or bi-daily) visits to site to make sure the contractors are following the design and no corners are being cut at the expense of the overall look of the garden.

I try to assist wherever possible however I cannot control the following through my design management service:

  • I have no control over the contractors, they are not employed by me and therefore I cannot control the days they work, the hours they work or the times they take breaks.

  • Any payments to contractors are agreed between the client and the contractor prior to work commencing. Any issues concerning payments need to be taken up directly with the contractors and payments are made directly to the contractors themselves.

  • It is the responsibility of the contractors to stick to any agreed deadlines and any issues regarding delays to the build finishing are the sole responsibility of the contractor and are to be resolved between the client and the contractor

If you have any questions regarding the design management service I offer please do get in touch.